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We are partners within the Food Innovation Center and therefore we have extensive contacts with experts within the industry. If you are looking for a consulting assignment or training, we are here to help solve your needs.

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The Food Innovation Academy is our training center for the food industry in the Netherlands. We are the educational and consulting partner within this institution to cater for your consulting needs. Consulting is second nature for our trainers and experts.

Therefore, due to our extensive experience in both the The Netherlands and overseas, we are open for consulting assignments in all fields of expertise.

We have in-house experts and also have access to a wide network of experts in The Netherlands. Our network of connections through the world but specifically in The Netherlands will ensure that we will find the expert you are looking for.

Our experts have all excellent problem solving skills and are keen to ensure you benefit from our consulting. We can always find an excellent expert for your needs.

Our experts have flown over the world to solve immediate problems that you have encountered in your food production. We are here to help you solve those issues.

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