Tailor Made Courses

Apart from serving the educational institutions, we also specialise in offering tailor made courses and training for businesses and other organisations. Are you looking to gain specific training for your managers or staff? Do you want to make sure you know the latest developments? Or upgrade the skills in your company? We would like to connect with you and see how we can match your needs.

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Horticulture Courses

We have many different courses to offer to you. As one of the leading vocational institutions in the heart of the greenhouse center of The Netherlands, we know how to ensure you to get a quality course.

Our approach to training and education is to ensure you get both the knowledge and the skills required to implement at your organisation:

  • We use a mix of teaching methods and tools because each of us learns in different ways
  • Our former students appreciated the practical training they received attending one of our courses
  • Learning and acquiring knowledge with the aim to make it work for you is our goal
  • If you are satisfied and feel we added value to your learning experience, we are satisfied, not earlier

We offer a range of courses ‘out of the box’ but we also realise that this is not good enough for all of us. You might have a need to specifically train your employees in certain skills e.g. managing a tomato crop or learning how to keep track of employees work hours and productivity. Maybe you need training in climate control software or learning how to work best with biological control insects and system. Or you could be just looking for a general introduction of greenhouse management.

Your needs and requirements are our challenges to meet. Therefore we welcome you to browse through our ‘standard’ courses.. You cannot find what you are looking for? Please contact us to discuss how we can help you better.

We can offer our courses worldwide if the facilities allow for it. Therefore if your need is for us to run the course in your area, do not hesitate to contact us.