Tailor Made Programs

One effective way of learning more about the Dutch Horti business and developments is by visiting the Netherlands. We will help you visit the companies and partners that are just right for you. We can create a blended learning experience as well as expand your network. We are well connected with 80 of the top 100 Horticultural companies in the Dutch greenhouse delta.

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Horti Study Tours

We receive a lot of request from around the world to organise a study tour of the horticultural world in the Netherlands. Some ask for specific study tours to learn more about a certain area of expertise and others ask for a general tour to get to know for the high-tech horticultural industry.

In general a study tour consists of a ‘theory’ training session either in classrooms or in greenhouses in the mornings and a company visit in the afternoon.

Because of our extensive network connections within the Westland greenhouse delta and because we are a main partner in the World Horti Center, we can offer you almost any tour you wish for. Whether it is a one day tour or a week long tour, all options are open.

Horti World Exposure: This is a general introduction the world of horticulture in the heart of the Dutch greenhouse delta. You will be visiting companies within the value chain as well as greenhouses. You will receive a tour of the well established World Horti Center. Our experts will receive you.

Greenhouse management: this study tour will concentrate on greenhouse management skills and technology. Companies will host you to discuss and train you in their innovative technology and you can at the same time build your network as you meet with key decision makers.

Crop production: in this tour the focus will be on growing a profitable crop, whether it is tomatoes or cucumbers or else. We will train you in practical skills, you will visit growers and have discussions with them in their greenhouses. We will look at the basic principles of plant development and how we can manipulate the growing of the plants to bring about the best results.

These are just a few study tours available, so feel free to contact us to learn more about the possibilities.