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Are you looking for training or consulting for green roofs, walls or interior designs? We are your partner for catering for your needs, questions or solve the problems you encounter. Green is our business and we love to make the world a greener place.

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Lentiz is based in the heart of the Westland, the area for green development in The Netherlands. We are the educational and consulting partner within the World Horti Center to cater for your consulting needs. Consulting is the second nature of our trainers and experts.

Therefore, due to our extensive experience in both the The Netherlands and overseas, we are open for consulting assignments in all fields of expertise.

We have in-house experts and also have access to a wide network of experts in The Netherlands. Our network of connections in the heart of the Dutch sector is extensive.


Our experts have all excellent problem solving skills and are keen to ensure you benefit from our consulting. We can always find an excellent expert for your needs or make a match with one of our cooperating companies.

Our experts have flown over the world to solve immediate problems greening megacities.  We are here to help you solve those issues.

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