Update Your Program

The world is evolving fast. New information and technologies are discovered or invented every day. Innovations are ongoing. We will help you identify which gaps exist in your current curricula and help you fill in the gaps. A strong curricula will make sure your students are ready to enter the labour market. Linking the labour market to your programs will make your institution or business more attractive to learners.

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Curricula Development

As a teacher or trainer your goal is to see students grow in knowledge and be able to apply the information learnt. However, how we process this information, make it our own and apply it, will depend on what didactical methods and tools we use in our programs. In order to deliver a continuous stream of well-trained graduates in the long-term, a curriculum on horticulture needs to be developed and designed.

A few steps are necessary to achieve this:

  • Assessment of current horticultural training program;
  • Identify ‘gaps’ in the current curriculum;
  • Improve currently offered training program;
  • Implementation of the adjusted program

We offer you the opportunity to get the curriculum that suits your organisation or goals.  And also learn more about new technologies like blended learning, e-learning and other smart ways of transferring your knowledge to your students in a structured way.