Practical Skills Training

The biggest need today in the world horticultural business is the need for skilled and qualified staff. We partner with organisations worldwide to provide high quality training appropriate for your context and circumstances. Whether it is low, intermediate or high-tech: we can provide the practical training you are looking for.

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Practical Training

Practical Greenhouse management training is in high demand nowadays. Worldwide high tech greenhouses are build at an amazing speed. We can provide you with the practical greenhouse training needs that you are looking for:

  • a combination of practical skills management and applicable knowledge acquisition
  • knowledge transfer that can be implemented as soon as the trainees are back in their working environment

Practical is not just ‘doing’ in the greenhouses and learning the actual hands on skills but it also means making the ‘theory’ of greenhouse management very practical and applicable. We are based in the Dutch greenhouse delta and work from the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk. With decades of training experience we know how to train your staff, supervisors, teamleaders or workers at your desired level.

We are able to provide you with a tailor-made program in:

  • greenhouse technology
  • climate control
  • crop growth management

The practical part of the training happens either in the World Horti Center or at growers in the Netherlands.


We partner with Universities around the world to provide this practical training. Students learn how to implement and manage a crop. Practical internships are coordinated with Lentiz Educational Group as we have a last network of companies interested in training students. We work very closely together with the top 80 greenhouse suppliers, software developers, growers, biological control providers and more in The Netherlands.

We have partnerships with universities and companies to train their students to be ready for their first job in greenhouse management. We make sure that they are ready to run your greenhouse in such way that they are completely confident to manage the technology, climate control software and understand the crop production cycles.