Knowledge Transfer

Training of the trainers is key in proper knowledge transfer. We are well experienced in training those responsible in your company, organisation or institution to become more effective in transfer the knowledge and skills to your students and staf. If you are interested in a training course to train your teachers, trainers and staff let is know.

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Training of Trainers

Training is key for the development of any organisation, institution or privately owned business.  By training your team, your teamleaders, trainers and staff, you add value to your organisation. So investment in human capital will help you reach your goals. We combine knowledge transfer with didactic skills in our training program to achieve the added value you are looking for.

The success and results achieved depend on the personal development of the trainers or anyone transferring knowledge within the organisation. Therefore, we want to develop the skills of the trainers also through personal development plans:

  • You will become an expert in transmitting knowledge
  • develop in yourself as a person
  • help people to become more successful and confident in giving instructions
  • help set goals and make groups work better together

The training of trainers programs we offer, are all custom or tailor made to your needs. Do you need more content driven training or are you looking for being trained in didactical skills?

As a teacher your goal is to see students grow in knowledge and be able to apply the information learnt. However, how we process this information, make it our own and apply it, will depend on what didactical methods and tools we use in our programs. We offer you the opportunity to learn more about blended learning, e-learning and other smart ways of transferring your knowledge to your students.

Or a combination of both? We can make it work for you.