Crop Protection Specialist

Course Description

The method of dealing with diseases and pests has constantly changed over the years and will continue to change in the future.

In the past people used all kinds of means to combat diseases and pests. Nowadays good control is a combination of integrated crop protection with chemical, biological and other means. A professional is never done learning new things.  Diseases and pests are constantly changing, the protection of the crops as well. In addition, there is a legal obligation as well. Every government upholds strict regulation regarding crop protection.

The training consists of three different levels (assistant, advanced, expert) and is taught in its entirety.

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Course Content


  • reading the label
  • use of reference works
  • recognizing weeds
  • recognizing diseases and pests
  • control methods
  • non-chemical crop protection
  • chemical crop protection
  • safety and Health
  • laws and regulations


  • diseases, pests, weeds and abiotic abnormalities
  • integrated cultivation
  • chemical crop protection
  • distribution and equipment
  • working according to a plan
  • crop protection and legislation


  • Latest developments in the field of crop protection
  • Transport
  • Sale
  • Storage
  • Pesticide management

Time commitment: 2 weeks full time