Cultivation Specialist

Course Description

The cultivation specialist course consists of three levels: assistant, advanced and expert.

Each level contains a training of 2 weeks:

  1. The assistant level focuses on the basics of fertilisation, plant physiology and technics, like drive systems and watering systems.
  2. The advanced level focuses on a broad spectrum of topics relevant to cultivation such as climate control, Mollier diagram, business operations and crop protection.
  3. The expert level focuses on a deeper level of existing topics such as plant physiology, fertilization and climate. There is also a lot of attention for innovation and state-of-the-art developments such as “the New Cultivation”.

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Course Content

Assistant (time commitment 2 weeks)

  • plant physiology
  • fertilization
  • technique

(plant construction, osmosis, water management, cell division, nutrients, mineral management, fertilization, raw materials, substrates)

Advanced (time commitment 2 weeks)

  • climate control
  • Mollier diagram
  • crop protection business operations

Expert (time commitment 2 weeks)

  • energy management
  • set up cultivation plan
  • crop protection
  • internationalization


Full training: 6 weeks training