Plant Growth and Physiology

Course Description

Time commitment: 1 week full time

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Course Content


  • photosynthesis, respiration and evaporation
  • the construction of the plant cell
  • growth, cell division and cell elongation
  • osmosis, plasmolysis, turgor
  • controlling growth
  • water and ion absorption by the roots


  • photosynthesis
  • breathing
  • functions of light and temperature for the plant
  • evaporation / water management
  • air around the plant
  • plant temperature in relation to the plant
  • growth hormones and seed germination
  • operation of stomata


  • efficient climate management in the greenhouse
  • knowledge of the many factors that influence the climate
  • explanation of the mollier diagram
  • regulation and settings
  • vegetatively and generatively controlling

Time commitment: 2 weeks full time for each level