Plant Nutrition Specialist

Course Description

The fertilization specialist training has been developed for employees in greenhouse horticulture who are responsible for fertilization or for those who aspires to be one in the future. The course consists of three levels: assistant, advanced and expert and is taught in its entirety.

  1. The assistant level focuses on the basis regarding fertilization, in which you ultimately learn to calculate a standard nutrient solution by yourself and where the role of nutrient elements will be discussed.
  2. The advanced level focuses on employees in greenhouse horticulture who are responsible for fertilization or those who want to advise in this area.
  3. The expert level focuses on the most common fertilizer problems. You will learn how to recognize, remedy and prevent them. Specifically for people who come into contact with crops daily and want to further understand the role of the nutritional elements in the growth process.

Time commitment: 2 week full time for each level

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Course Content

Assistant (time commitment 2 weeks full time)

  • Important nutrients for plants
  • pH
  • EC
  • fertilizers
  • nutritional elements
  • main points on nutritional intake

Advanced (time commitment 2 weeks full time)

  • ions and molecules
  • acid, lye, carbonate and salt
  • pH: acidity
  • EC: electrical conductivity (conduction)
  • concentration: percentage, ppm, mol (mmol, µmol)

Expert (time commitment 2 weeks full time)

  • Precipitation in fertilizer containers amongst other things
  • clogged dripping systems
  • unstable pH control
  • the function and behavior of the main and trace elements, both in the plant and in the soil
  • how does intake or absorption take place?
  • Antagonism and Synergy
  • deficiency and excess symptoms