Introduction Horticulture

Course Description

This course introduces you to plant physiology, horticultural technology, fertilization, marketing, labor and crop protection. Targeted excursions (where possible) on these topics are also made to companies in greenhouse horticulture.

The course provides a broad picture of the sector and thus serves as a foundation for the follow-up courses: cultivation specialist, crop protection specialist, fertilization specialist or plant physiology.

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Course Content

The starting point in the training is: “the plant”. How does it grow? How can we control its growth? What does it need to grow well?

Thus, the following topics are dealt with in the horticultural chain:

  • Plant growth
  • Technology (greenhouse construction)
  • Cultivation systems
  • Substrate
  • Cultivation
  • Crop operations
  • Climate control
  • Watering
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Crop protection
  • Marketing

Time commitment: 1 week full time